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Russell Cropanzano and Marie S. By studying such forms of behavior he hoped to illuminate the informal sub-institutional bases of more complex social behavior, typically more formal and often institutionalized. Relational life is a process. Once the process is in motion, each consequence can create a self-reinforcing cycle. The activity is easier when there are multiple students with the same solution.

The trickiest examples were matches in which both solutions contained weak electrolytes in which case the students had to compare K values. The study of the theory from the microeconomics perspective is attributed to Blau. Similar to the attribution of emotion, productive exchange produces the strongest affective attachments, generalized exchange the weakest, and negotiated and reciprocal exchange are in between.

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Because there is no direct emotional foundation, emotions produced are low. Reciprocal exchanges are separable which reduces the perceptions of shared responsibility. Exchange has been a central research thrust in business-to-business relational exchange. This is shown through organizational identification which plays an important role in organizational citizenship behavior. Firms also look for additional benefits provided by other potential exchange partners.

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Rewards can be sense of acceptance, support, and companionship etc. Some students had a difficult time finding dates, so after the initial dates were found we had a pool of students in the center of the room to help everyone find a match.

These are given matrix, the effective matrix and the dispositional matrix. Other costs and rewards equal, they choose alternatives that offer the most security for them. Finally, informational support is the delivering of information that is helpful to an individual. Both people incur benefits and costs simultaneously.

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Long-term outcomes being perceived as equal, they choose alternatives providing better immediate outcomes. The twelfth and final proposition is directed towards the way our society has a heightened value placed on monetary funds. The theory places relationships in a linear structure, when some relationships might skip steps or go backwards in terms of intimacy. The students had to find a partner to make a buffer solution with.

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In a mutually beneficial exchange, each party supplies the wants of the other party at lower cost to self than the value of the resources the other party provides. Productive exchanges are interdependent and this high degree of nonseparability generates the strongest emotions. Individuals try to avoid negative emotions and to reproduce positive emotions in social exchange. As with everything dealing with the social exchange theory, it has as its outcome satisfaction and dependence of relationships. Specifically, online dating is so depressing Rosenfeld looked at the limitations of interracial couples and the application of social exchange theory.