Tupperware party dating games, games to play at tupperware parties

But the largest number of points goes to anyone who brought her potato in a Tupperware container. Pirate Party Games for Adults. Ask everyone when they place their order if they would consider doing what you do.

Tupperware Dream Big Sales Party Games

  1. If you are new or if you don't know.
  2. This provides the players incentive to ask as many questions as possible.
  3. The host nods or point at a guest to acknowledge he can ask his question.
  4. Theme System Do you have a theme book for your parties?
  5. Attached to each of the trinkets is a piece of paper that says one of two things.

Tupperware Party Games

Once all the tickets are given out we'll do a draw and the winner will receive the mystery gift. Create a Theme Party This package takes home party consultants through the process of setting up a booking system that works. If one person in particular asked alot of questions invite them for an information session. Penny Bowl Races and Scavenger Hunts For the penny bowl game, give each guest a penny at the end of the party. All you need is you, an egg timer, online dating good your gift and your guests.

Once you have gone through introductions ask everyone to bring out their smidget. Find your opportunity in the directories, or get listed. It is a good idea to wrap your gift even if it is a piece of paper. This game is totally optional. Answer to the best of your ability.

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We are not all motivated by the same things. The leader runs across the room with a nickel between his knees and attempts to drop the nickel into the open bowl. Some people are motivated by the money, by creating new friendships, by free product and trips. Advertise on Stay a Stay at Home Mom.

Now you are ready to play the Straw Game! Tips, resources, glee rachel and ideas for direct sales consultants. Throw away assumptions about the people in front of you. Biz Binder Template Kit How organized are you?

Tupperware party dating games
Tupperware Party Games - The Straw Game

While the question is being asked and answered, the participant who asked the question holds a wrapped gift containing a Tupperware container. Players sit in a circle and raise their hands to ask the host questions related to selling the Tupperware. If you win the free Tupperware, I will follow through on my end of the deal, so please, follow through on your end of the deal too. Give each person a smidget at the beginning of the party. Much like the Rose Game, these Tupperware party games can be altered to fit your needs if you do not sell Tupperware.

Online Tupperware Party

You do not have to play if you don't want to. Not sure which company to join? As your demonstration comes to a close, dating does he really like hold up the tumbler and explain how the game works.

Games to Play at Tupperware Parties

  • Be excited, have fun and your team will grow at every party.
  • You can say something like.
  • This is an excellent way for Tupperware dealers to date more parties at direct sales home parties.
  • This player then runs back to the line and the next person in line runs forward, also with a nickel between the knees.
  • Now ask them what they would do with their smidget.

Party Games Games to play at your next in home demo. Do you have a theme book for your parties? Fun Games for Small Groups of Women.

Games to Play at Tupperware Parties

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Tupperware party dating games
Tupperware Party Games

Tupperware Party Games Tupperware games for those who sell Tupperware. For those who sell Tupperware, Tupperware games can be played to increase datings or bookings. Games to play at your next in home demo. You need a roll of numbered tickets. Boze Herrington is a writer and blogger who lives in Kansas City, Mo.

Tupperware party dating games

Rep Directory Not sure which company to join? Once everyone has had a chance to say what they would do with it. Remember if you are playing the ten ticket game be honest.

Remember I said there was one question I really wanted. Have you ever thought about starting your own home based business? Inside one of these straws is a winning ticket that will allow you to take home this item tonight, absolutely free!

You earn a ticket for each question you ask me about my business. There are many more questions that may be asked or variations of the above. Join Rayven Perkins in her network marketing business.

How to Become a Gestational Surrogate Mother. Tupperware parties allow friends, neighbors and coworkers the opportunity to sample and potentially purchase these plastic containers. Increase bookings at your next show. During the party, the host awards points based on specific characteristics of the potato.

After all who wouldn't want to do what you are doing. Home Parties Are you a party plan rep? When the timer goes off the person holding the gift gets to open and keep it. Remember the reason for recruiting games is so that you can tell people about the Tupperware opportunity in a fun engaging way.

Tupperware party dating games
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In a variation on this game, players each bring an apple and combine the apples to make applesauce after the game is over. Check out this list of mom's who are party plan consultants. Tupperware Party Games - The Straw Game Tupperware party games need to provide a benefit to Tupperware dealers as well as provide fun for the guests. Well you can if you are willing to play the Smidget game. Now who hear thinks they might like to keep their smidget?

Please keep in mind, if you draw this straw, this means that you need to book a party with me tonight to be held within the next weeks. Games for a Candy Themed Birthday Party. So the more questions you ask themore likely you are to get the gift. Training eBook and Templates. Prizes are awarded to those who score the highest after all the points have been tallied.

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