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Truffles restaurant in bangalore dating, resturant - Review of Truffles, Bengaluru, India - TripAdvisor

Resturant - Truffles

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Try the cashew and coriander infused Kaju Kothmir Vade, the Sungatche Kodi or prawns in spiced coconut paste, and the vazhapoo thoran banana flowers stir-fried with coconut and spices. The dish was topped with perfectly poached egg and some green shoots. But when with a group of friends looking for a good hangout place with great food, this is your place to go. It was perfectly cooked and the cheese made a clean tang explosion inside my mouth. The Strawberry Kiss cake on the other hand failed to make an impression may be because we had tasted it right after the chocolate bomb.

First things first, very reasonable pricing, serves the best Sun Dried Tomato Pasta in Bangalore and I love their lip-smacking collection of desserts. Of course Bengaluru or Bangalore if you prefer has several places to eat, drink, crash and party. This was one of the first few places in Bangalore which had started serving Snicker, Mars, Toblerone milkshakes to name a few. For Kiran, it happened to be his college area and every restaurant has a dating story to tell. The Mushroom Cheese Sandwich.

Their first store was on St Marks Road which is still attracting the majority of the crowd but now they have branches across the town. The Cheeses Stuffed Mushrooms even the potato wedges are yumm.

But they do have the cheese cakes and other pastries. Rasovara Feel like Rajasthani royalty, especially when indulging in their extravagant thali. So coming to the most important factor food. The place has an outdoor seating and an indoor seating. Because adventures are bound to happen on unknown paths.

How can we have a brunch without tasting some waffles, this thought made us order waffles as well. Ours was dark chocolate one and we absolutely loved it. This, I find, helped me choose the perfect drink. The food is as good as the idea.

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Sun Dried Tomato Pasta served with garlic bread, without a doubt, was the best pasta I have tasted to the date. This place has a humble beginning, a delicious bakery which started selling sandwiches and shakes on St Marks road. This one is a must try if you are a chocolate lover.

It was quite a heavy main course especially after eating that much. On The Edge This one takes Asian food and makes it more interesting with some unlikely but healthy pairings. Vegetarians can devour on the Mexican Nachos Grande one of the few places that is still serving nachos with re-fried beans. If you want to go non-veg, there is an option to add Lamp as well.

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Want to taste these amazing truffles in Bangalore? For me, one of the restaurants, aras bulut iynemli dating site the truffles made me the foodie I am today.

Truffles A great place with an amazing ambiance. Me and my bestie Kiran has a special bond with restaurants in this particular area of Bangalore. Eastern Diner This is not a big, plush restaurant you would take out your date to. While we ate our way through Koramangala that has the highest restaurant densities in Asia, we travelled to other corners of the city too. It is one of the restaurants which I can always recommend to anyone.

Serving up American fast food and Asian-inspired cuisine, Thulp has evolved into becoming the go-to spot for a fun meal. The king fish curry, erachi roast and appams are as comforting. The sourdough-based Napoli -tyle pizzas have toppings ranging from truffled funghi and spicy Goan chorizo to smoked salmon and buffalo mozzarella.

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Resturant - Review of Truffles, Bengaluru, India - TripAdvisor

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Persian Terrace High above the residences and airport traffic crawl at Malleshwaram, is a romantic rooftop to serenade fans of Afghani and Iranian cuisines. Not my type of breakfast but, I loved the dish and the way they have presented. Shivaji Military Hotel A grimy hole in the wall serving the best biryani in the city reminds you not to judge the book by its cover. The menu is extensive with continental, Chinese and Tibetan specialties. We ordered Assorted Berries and Whipped Vanilla cream waffles.