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In the two brothers and Anthony Hassab purchased the town's two cinemas one enclosed, the other open air. What made it all the more difficult for them was the isolation physical and linguistic.

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That same year, tired of the hard work and with no relatives to assist, Chris moved into the cinema business and sold the cafe. Communities come to value places which are the settings for important events, or which become symbols of identity and aspiration. Both women were born on Kythera.

All of this was done with the approval of Walgett Shire Council which was either unable or unwilling to do the same. The position of Chief Financial Officer is a new position in Councils structure reporting directly to the General Manager and working within an established leadership team.

We owe it to future generations to record the history of all immigrant groups to this shore. As part of the celebrations the mayor presented awards to Indigenous people who have made a valuable contribution to the local community. The public hall brought in some rental from dances and other social functions, but the Conomos brothers could see a better financial return if a regular picture show were set up.

Anna assisted at Theo's Scone theatre and, when her husband had a stroke in the mids, she took over the complete running of it until his condition allowed him to return to work. The honeymoon was the overland trip Narrandera.

See, give them a chance to get home. It related to her thirst for knowledge, but old customs were hard to break. Seating was for more than the size of the village's population.

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Tenderers are advised that they may make submissions for either or both of the above request for tenders. They were symbols of their achievements. Forbes Mayor, Graeme Miller, welcomed everybody to the celebration of the history, free dating sites in wisconsin culture and accomplishments of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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The result was that the hall blended with the adjacent Megalo Cafe. In she met up with Con and they were married the following year. Achievement through integration or Assimilation? After they married, both of their wives worked at the theatre, selling tickets and ushering.

With walls of wood and iron, a wooden floor and a galvanised iron roof, it resembled many a country hall of its time. More often than not, the boy would reappear at the ticket box that night, pushing across to her the sixpence she had given him to pay for a seat in the cinema. In July she married Philip Lucas who had been working for the family and who had been learning about picture theatres. In the business was sold and the family moved to Sydney. Have a chat with our team and start planning your Scenic trip of a lifetime.

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When they couldn't get enough people to work in the shop. Chris had come to Sydney to be best man at a wedding. The company will be responsible for pool operations and management over the next three years. Living in a town that experienced dust storms, Elly recalled that it was not uncommon to have to wipe all the seats prior to a screening so as to rid them of dust.

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The business wielded an influence which many do not appreciate. The following paragraphs provide a record of the involvement of the wives of the men in the subject group. Con Kalligeris knew the girl that he would later marry from the days when they both lived on Kythera. Helen and Anthony's wife and daughters worked at the theatres from time to time as usherettes, helping to keep costs to a minimum. When Nicholas Laurantus managed to obtain the lease of the newly-built Montreal Theatre at Tumut, he asked Peter and Stamatina his sister-in-law to run it for him.

For entries take a photo of your Local Legend and put your reason in writing of why you think they should win. The contribution made by these women in support of their husbands is no less important than that made by the many British-Australian women throughout the years. This is evident among the remaining members of the subject group who are proud of their Greek heritage and all that it entails.

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Temora Shire Council - Welcome To Temora Shire Council E-Tendering

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Temora Shire Council

The question is then answered as to whether the subject group integrated or assimilated. As theatre proprietors, they achieved positions of influence within their communities. The show fills a niche for small winemakers to showcase their product against their larger counterparts. With the other two brothers, they were all involved in the operation of their two cafes and theatre interests. Look what you're doing now.

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