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With the SuperMemo method, you can memorize thousands of words, facts and rules, once and for all. This also marks the beginning of the accelerated expansion of the concept of spaced repetition around the world! In the end, you should give your learning program a try and see which one you enjoy better.

SuperMemo blindly obeys your recall criteria. If you look for a numerical measure of the algorithm's inaccuracy, instead of comparing intervals you should rather compare retention levels as the retention is the optimization criterion here.

It is again better to adapt to varying circadian performance than not to adapt at all. Hence the typical departure of wrongly formulated items from the shape of the classical forgetting curve. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything. For example, in an easy collection, the starting-point O-Factor i.

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Superiority of those newer algorithms has been verified in more ways than one, for example, by measuring the decline in workload over time in fixed-size databases. Despite our prior claims, this new algorithm has a major impact on the speed of learning, esp.

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Neural networks could find use in mapping the lesser known accessory functions that are used to speed up the convergence of the algebraic algorithm e. Anki's implementation of the algorithm has been modified to allow priorities on cards and to show cards in order of their urgency. When reviewing information saved in the database, everytime britney spears mp3 the program uses the SuperMemo algorithm to decide what questions to show the user. How about a link to the glossary or something? Those items clearly belong to those that have not been formulated in compliance with representation rules e.

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Spaced repetition software. My software You have not saved any software. Anki supports synchronization with a free but proprietary online server called AnkiWeb.

However, for many students, good sleep is often a luxury and peak alertness may come at different times of day. This doctoral dissertation was entirely devoted to the SuperMemo method and outlined the theoretical basis for future SuperMemos.

He started with an obvious conclusion that active recall serves memory far better than passive review. However, SuperMemo makes sure that scarce data does not distort the function of optimum intervals e. You probably prefer your word processor with customizable fonts even though you can mess up the text by applying Wingdings. It computes its exact value for that particular repetition. Your results are in full compliance with theoretical expectations.

Another myth says that Ebbinghaus was first to measure the exponential forgetting curve. Wozniak embarked on a self-study course which would ultimately lead to the development of SuperMemo.

As performance in repetitions determines E-Factors, items of the same difficulty in an easy collection would naturally have a lower E-Factor than the exactly same items in a difficult collection. The first computer algorithm introduced the concept of E-factor i. The speed of such a transition must be fast enough to ensure an adaptation in reasonable time.

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With that respect, algebraic SuperMemo is less prejudiced than the neural network SuperMemo. Back in the late s, the SuperMemo World company was first to apply computers to optimize intervals between repetitions. Forgetting is a stochastic process and can only operate on averages. Interestingly, SuperMemo can never predict the moment of forgetting of a single item.

Robert Bjork noticed a reverse relationship between the probability of recall and the memory effect of a review. It later evolved into supermemo. Once the matrices change, the estimation of repetition category may change too. It makes it easy to identify bad items and use auto-postpone or auto-forget options. Moreover, the old recommendation is to always use SuperMemo at your peak alertness time.

However, they could differ from O-Factors. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. While Anki's user manual encourages the creation of one's own decks for most material, there is still a large and active database of Shared Decks that users can download and use. Download courses from SuperMemo. Interestingly, the greatest progress in the algorithm is likely to come from a better definition of the model of human long-term memory.

His work might be considered the first step to SuperMemo formulated exactly years later. Is SuperMemo good for you? The desktop version of SuperMemo since v.

The SuperMemo program stores a database of questions and answers constructed by the user. But I also bet is now very complicated and therefore you have a limited capability of developing it further. Reading lists extend the application of SuperMemo to the area of knowledge acquisition, selection, prioritization, and formulation.

Learn fast and forget about forgetting. Want to remember everything you'll ever learn? As with all function approximations, the choice of the tool and minor algorithmic adjustments can make a world of difference in the speed of convergence and the accuracy of mapping.