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Stage drama 2015

DesiRulez is a desi forum for entertainment and discussions of all sorts of issues. Of all the listed series, I only enjoyed Nirvana in Fire and Wuxin fully. Using the options below you can combine a variety of the types of information we catalog to create extremely specific. The Great Protector is reasonably well done, but there are some weaknesses.

The ending is somehow rushed. Pakistan film as well as drama industry is also successful industry in this world, in industry there are many talented actors and actresses which entertain public with different ideas. Liza Wang Limelight Years.

Substance is completely sacrificed for what is perceived as style. Jiang Xin's character, purple fairy, was too obsessive and monotonous. Watched Monster Hunter Wu Xin and agree that it was a great drama with a sad ending. The Journey of Flower just finished airing, so I'm curious whether your ratings is a reflection of the whole drama or just your initial impression.

Stage drama 2015


Nirvana in Fire was one of the best dramas I've seen in quite a while. Willie Wai Lord of Shanghai.


This drama revolves around the lives of people passionate about making the best fragrance in the world. Journey of the flower is a definite must-watch.

It is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks. And also is Legend of Zu out? Yet there will always come a day when the lies can no longer keep up with the truth. She started her career as model and after her success she worked in many dramas of Pakistan as she is sister of Pakistani Actress Urwa Hocane. Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring?

Pakistan Hit Movie Waar as a leading Actress role and last year in Jawani phir Nahi Aani therefore she is considered as most beautiful actress in Pakistan drama industry. What to do now, microsoft word starter 2010 64 bit have that empty feeling after watching an awesome good drama.

Khuda Kay Liye and after her great acting she also performed a supporting role in movie Bol which was world hit because it was made on reality. Elaine Yiu Captain of Destiny.

Translating Chinese novels. Liu An Shun is the leader of a Biao Men aka transporters who risk their lives to protect whatever is put under their care. It helps to have a great script.

Stage Drama Full

If not, then I recommend reading the book there are fan translations. When it went to modern times, I got so confused I stop watch it. Call me old fashioned but I'll always ship Xiao Long Nv and Yang Guo return of condor heroes if i had to pick a teacher-disciple forbidden love story. They say age is but a number, but is it really? He is a good Pakistani actor.

2015 Best Chinese Period Dramas

The acting was amazing and the storyline was decent. The ending in the novel is really bittersweet and unsatisfying I don't quite recommend it if you were looking for happily ever after. But it's good for people who want to learn about the culture or scenery of Shanxi province. Overall, thought it was ok but somehow it's just not doing it for me otherwise I would've finished it by now. You know how hard it is to satisfy fans of the original material!

Unlikely to appeal to idol drama fans. Due to an unfortunate incident where one of his men commit suicide, Liu An Shun loses the trust and respect of his people and he leaves to work for another Biao Men.

The Indian people also love her and she is also famous in. She made her debut in movies by beautiful movie Bin Roye and now she is woking in Bollywood Industry with King khan Shah Rukh Khan in her upcoming movie Raees with leading role. For me, K drama Six Flying Dragons is extremely boring. She is also working in new drama Mann Mayal that is most loved as well as liked by viewers. And as for journey of flower Ill probably never finish it at this rate.

And supposedly quite good at it. The top five include overall ratings across all platforms.

List of TVB dramas in 2015

Rulez - Non Stop Desi Entertainmentforum dedicated to islam, muslims. Cruel Romance is still watchable, but both Huang Xiaoming and Chen QiaoEn had given much better performances in other series. Actress Jia Qing gives uneven performances in most roles that she does, including here. Sounds like the movie right was sold for good money. The other day i was just wondering that how many Pakistani dramas i have watched and the list was humongous to say the least.

So many scenes are missing! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Help spread the c-drama love by turning this into a group effort. She also worked in Drama Serial Chandani so due to her great work she is considered as most beautiful Pakistani Actress. Unable to admit his feelings for Cai Hong, Jiang Yu takes her in as a nanny, further igniting a romance that is filled with heartache.


Some mainland series have strong acting and directing. When that's the case, I don't mind if they slow down the pace a bit. The Lunar New Year is fast approaching and I'd like to start off with the many popular historical Chinese series currently airing. Shallow reason aside, it is not like Sword of Legends at all since this is a romance drama rather than an wuxia so it really depends whether this genre is your cup of tea.

Everything on the screen moves so fast, you don't even know that having a talking deer in the movie really doesn't make much sense. Pretty entertaining so far!