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Simplified video and data imports. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Product developed to review analysis from other Nacsport software.

The application of this technology in providing feedback to physiotherapists on the accuracy of patient diagnosis and effective rehabilitation techniques will also be discussed. This form is for replacing stolen or faulty dongles. The SportsCode Elite software allows users to present a movie on their computer or an external device. Coding Structures Features.

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Live capture for in-game decisions Interactive player reports linked directly to video Analysis accessible and shareable from any device. Basic Plus Basic software with higher level of features and tools.

What is sport performance video analysis? The SportsCode Elite software allows users to stack timeline and instance movies.

SportsCode Elite Allows you to simply edit instances and codes while creating powerful coaching presentations with overlaid text and coaches notes. SportsCode Elite Software. You will be able to compare actions, draw onto them and many other tools to make your analysis workflows more comfortable. Users can customize Lead and Lag times or just leave them as toggle buttons.

Basic Software for starters in the field of video analysis or coaches with essential analysis needs. Users can also Edit and re-edit templates as ofter as required. Viewer Product developed to review analysis from other Nacsport software.

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It will help you to improve your future performances. Users can easily work with timeline rows, including the ability to create a new row, sort rows, merge rows, and trim rows. Analyse Your Game Faster and Better.

Pro Plus Sports professionals with a high demand of analysis. Please list the dongle number s to be replaced with a replacement dongle.

From your actions in competition, discover single or team performances in a quick, easy and organised fashion without the needs of conventional video edition software. What is the reason for the reset or replacement? This makes it possible to use the same program across multiple disciplines.

SportsCode Elite allows the user to edit instance labels, and provides multiple database options to ensure efficient use of time and space. Users can also integrate movies into other applications such as Powerpoint and iMovie. Please choose the Sportstec staff member or distributor you have been working with.

If you are unsure of the dongle number, please do not guess. How innovative technology can be used to assess health and medical practitioner training efficacy and workplace performance. Users can also overlay any two video files. Stolen computers and dongles require police reports.

Users can create a still image from any video frame. Scout Plus First option for your professional analysis. Be the first one to write a review.

SportsCode Elite allows users to review Frequency lists for events, windows 8 english language pack and sequential frames within any video instances through the instance monitor. Instant replay for teams using Sportscode. The Future of Sportscode Watch Now. Make Better Decisions Information extracted from your performance will allow you to make better decisions. See what a customized solution looks like for your team.

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Elite Software developed for top level coaches and sport organisations. All Levels and Budgets Nacsport has five different software with incredible performance-price ratio available for you, whatever your level, whatever your budget. Please select Sportstec staff member or distributor you have been working with.

Get more out of your workflow with these connected analysis solutions. Athletes can revise footage and analysis by themselves. Look for more updates about the most advanced and anticipated iteration of the industry-leading performance analysis solution on the market. Books by Language uslprototype.

Elite is customized by the user, for the team and sport. The SportsCode Elite software also allows users to stack multiple timelines and movies in one package. Users can replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward and backwards. Hudl Sportscode has been rebuilt using bit processing, which means better scripting, faster interactions and easier integrations with your custom workflow. There is no limit on how many code input windows users can have, and SportsCode Elite supports multiple input devices for multiple coders.

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