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Any help would be appreciated. However, it will not open old drawings. My Softplan program is telling me I no longer have Softplan Review. Did you receive a fix last year for the small toolbars in the softplan?

Will this run on a new Mac Book Pro? But I cant figure out how to E-Mail them to someone. It sounds like you may have a key driver issue on the new machine. If so, what menu or where should I look?

For some reason I can not find the program on my drives. There are probably studs in the wall preventing the opening from moving all the way to the corner. Would like to be more fluent with softlist, and also how to link program with quickbooks. You may want to check your email filters for an email with your tracking number on it.

Please create a support ticket so the staff can work through this with you. It says my old drawings were made with a newer version. There is code that try to ensure that items do not overlap. In a few weeks we will be testing some new hardware to see if this is what we want our new workstations to be.

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The behavior of the text in is different from but it is functioning as intended. All Videos Building Science - Sponsored. For some reason when I window over an object to move or copy I can not see what is being selected.

Been a long time but I need to make some prints for permits. Will this file work with my Soft Plan program or will I have to draw those details into my projects? Is there a way to transfer my span tables from my version to my new updated software without having to hand enter them again?

Not very much information is given on what to expect next and when to expect it. It sounds like you may have an internet connection problem. The message should go away after starting SoftPlan while connected to the internet. If you upgrade on payments then once the payments are complete you are on that version.

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The clock on your computer has changed. Is this not active for Lite? Is it possible to do heavy timber frame const. When i try uninstall it goes into an install setup. You should probably contact support directly on this one.

What are the schedules available. Simpson Strong Tie has a auto cad file with detail drawings for their mounting hardware so that it can be added to Autocad. The version that you are upgrading is old enough that you will be shipped a new key and manual.

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Sounds like your SoftPlan may need to have some patches applied to get it to a more recent version. All our computers are connecting to the internet and Softplan was woking fie a fw days ago.

The random cursor movement on the SoftPlan drawing area problem typically happens on systems with multiple monitors when the monitors have different graphic capabilities. If this fails to correct the issue then do the following. If possible what is the cost? The scale of the drawing can be changed via the Edit command.

Please drop a quick note to training softplan. Lessons from the Recession. You should contact the guys in technical support.

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Could some body from technical support get intouch please. According to the posts this is an issue previously addressed. Please contact your sales representative and they should be able to show you a sample set.

We typically see SketchUp files used to import models of items like furniture as opposed to entire models. Is there a way to download Softplan or do I need to buy an external drive?

How do I change the units from imperial to metric as default. When going through the dialog to publish a project you will be prompted for an email address.

Hello, the sims 3 fast lane stuff Will there be a Softplan Demo download anytime soon? Do I use the same key I have? That might be it but you should probably check with support to see if the behavior you are seeing is expected.

You may wish to contact the support department direct at support softplantech. How do I fix this problem? How to Adjust a Casement Window Sash. The Softplan pdf document does not seem to have the pull down for certificates, Where would I find it so I may insert my certificate?

Until the text and dimensions are fixed I will have to wait to upgrade. My cursor moves around the SoftPlan drawing area on its own and is very difficult to control.

You may want to try the support department at support softplantech. Is there storefront windows and doors available for commercial buildings, or a downloadable file that would add them to the program?

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Please contact support directly at support softplantech. Please have your architect contact our technical support department they will help sort it out. You need to either get an older Sketchup file or a newer version of SoftPlan. There is a large toolbar setting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.