Sister Jesme Amen

They perceived her as a threat. Wherever there are people, there would be politics.

Autobiographhy photo files with. The society is well aware of the politics within church establishments.

But hey, who am I to judge. Anyways, the book is worth a single quick casual read as not much will stay with you to ponder over after you are finished.

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Read the book for it offers an insight into the world of Nuns and of course, for the bravery of Sister Jesme. How, under the hood of nun-hood and priest-hood, and the entire celibacy thing, sexual harrassment and abuse is rampant. And it's all written in bad English. Only that the fire runs out of the fuse itself and the book turns out to be a damp squib. Applaud her for her courage of conviction and confidence.

Amen has its moments no doubt especially where sr Jesme talks about the movies and documentries. She remains conservative and a supporter of the church, but has left the convent. Now onto the point about how entertaining was the book. It would be very difficult to ignore them. Not many have the courage to take on the establishment and very few have the articulation to convey an experience as traumatic as the one described, so graphically.

In the last few years, Jesme has become a rallying point for those questioning the church in Kerala. In fact, I am sure this happens. Applaud her for her courage of conviction kf confidence. Truly commendable for broaching the taboo subject of critically presenting the practises of organised religion to the public while at the same time affirming one's full faith in the very same system.

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The fact that she was a nun is just an added bonus. And no, divorcing him isn't as easy as divorcing a human husband. Actions that bring disrepute to him, shouldn't be generalized to to others having something in common with them. She portrayed it as a plot to get her out of power, but I wish I could see the other side and find out what exactly they were accusing her of. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest autobiograph through seller support?


As a saying goes, if there's a devil residing in the roof of every normal household, there's a devil residing in each rafter in a convent. The victim has no succour. You present it in the most difficult situation being hunted from all corners.

The structure was hard to follow and the narrative jumps from one event to the next. Also, the events suddenly jump into our face without proper explanation. While this might have been done out of goodwill to protect their dignity, the book loses its credibility. This is not to say that I disbelieve what she has to say about the misdeeds within the church.

If she's happy now, free from the shackles of the Convent, good for her. When no period is mentioned, no place is specified and pseudonyms are adopted against real names, the book is wobbling between a fiction and a biography. She seems like a nice lady, but she should never be allowed to write a book ever again. Be the first to autobiographyy this item Would you like to tell us about a lower autoniography The Autobiography of a Nun.

By Sister Jesme

Similar stories will surely occur in any major religion, much in contrast to professed tenets and beliefs of the same. It is an amazing book with amazing revelations.

It affirms Sisyer unbroken spirit and faith in Jesus and the Church, living like a nun but outside the Four Walls of the Convent. They ask for donations and many sisters harbor petty jealousies against other sisters. She also never acknowledges any wrongdoing anywhere throughout the book, which makes me wonder.

Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. When that is unsuccessful, they try to get her admitted to a mental hospital and start treatments on her. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Good book to know more about life inside convent. The book is written well enough to tell its reader that what happens in the closets of the church.

The book contains no proper dates except towards the end. However, her excessive self-glorification at the cost of others does tend to create the suspicion that as a narrator, she might not be all that reliable. They wanted her to get psychiatric intervention, but why? So where you expect an intelligent read, you are bombarded with paragraphs and paragraphs of praise and worship to a nun's belief.

And the poor husband, Jesus Christ, looks at the drama from above helplessly and shakes his head in despair. They tell them that she is mentally unstable. Not many have the courage to take slster the establishment and very few have the articulation to convey an experience as traumatic as the one described, so graphically. She completed all those courses and compulsory tests that you are supposed to do if you want to become a nun, for years and years apparently. It's revelation that one hardly expects to know.

The moment the Bishop saw me, autboiography would extend an envelope with. We will get back to you shortly.


In one or two places, it even resembled porn - which I find out of a place in a book of this sort. She's so everything that she actually deserves a YoSrJesmeSo set of jokes.

Look up sister jesme in Wiktionary, ame free dictionary. The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme. And I know Sister Jesme is an M. However, fundamentals of nursing ebook one has to give the credit to Sr Jesme for not only openly speaking about it but also for showing the courage to write an autobiography.