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  1. You were back to being a blushing mess.
  2. When you awoke in the morning, you winced slightly at the soreness between your legs but the satisfaction and pure happiness that radiated through your entire being outweighed everything else.
  3. His fingers grazed over the skin of your back that was exposed by the strapless dress and you shuddered under his touch.
  4. Thankfully, the reception went by quickly and you found yourself in the honeymoon suite with you husband faster than you thought.

Luna made a dash at Ardyn in an attempt to rescue you but in her weakened state he easily shoved her harshly against the ground once more. You were going to see the Luna was safe while Noctis faced down Leviathan and whatever the god decided to throw his way. It had been three days, you had been starving yourself and have successfully avoided every single call and message from Seokminnie. Realizing which you decided not to call him again and wait for his call. After a long and lengthy meeting with the Pledis management, they collectively came to the conclusion that they should make your relationship official immediately.

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He picked you up gently before moving you to your bed. When the back light of your phone went out, you closed your eyes. Gladio made harmless passes at you and flirted often which usually set Noctis off into one of his moods. Noctis managed to hold himself together but the moment he turned to year, tears pooled in his eyes and made silent tracks down his cheeks. Originally posted by jeong-hanie.

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As has been stated by Pledis Entertainment earlier that they have no objection against their idols dating so it was nothing but a welcoming news for them. You summoned your sword with your free arm but somehow the stranger had his hand gripped around your throat in an instant and Luna stumbled to the side. He had found out about the tweet, the whole of Korean media was blasting out about it. Your eyes held no emotions but only fixated on the figure in front of you. Notes floweryjh liked this.

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You were startled at his actions but he only laughed, social clubs dating his dark and stormy eyes brightening somewhat. You tend to be an extroverted introvert. Ignis was as courteous as ever and Prompto turned into a blubbering nervous wreck any time he remembered you were actually a girl.

Soon enough the world would know the truth and the two of you would face whatever future would come. You opened your mouth to say something when Gadio clapped both you and Noctis on the back with some force. He raised you above the cracking stone beneath you so that your feet kicked helplessly through the air. The sound had your heart fluttering against your ribcage.

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Noctis watched you silently as you studied your fingers for a moment before leaning over to suck them clean. The five of you somehow managed to survive each obstacle the empire through at you and help the people of Lucis along the way. You shot him a warning look but he only shrugged in answer. He left for your place, dating estranged spouse Hannie and Hoshi offered to come but he refused. The sound of his lilting voice sent chills racing over your skin as you groped at his hand.

He immediately called his Seungcheol hyung. Over the coms Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto informed you that everything seemed to be going according to plan. He was cut off mid-sentence when you opened the door. Broken gasps left your mouth as you attempted to speak. They would often tease Seokminnie for getting a person like you in his life.

Luna had actually been the one to suggest a relationship between you and Noctis as she worried so much for her friend. But Seokmin is always the one who understands you from the core. Chapped lips met yours as Noctis stole a kiss. You felt like you only blinked but when your eyes reopened, you were lying in the familiar bed of the hotel with Noctis clutching you as if you were a broken porcelain doll to his side.

We were all worried about you. Noctis held on for a few rounds until he, too, lost control. On his instructions, he grabbed a hand towel and a bowl to fill up with cold water. You looked at him with blood-shot eyes, as red as your blood. It went silent, you let out a deep breath as if scared to make any sound for he might hear you.

However, King Regis had stressed the importance of the secrecy to both you and Noctis countless times. Everyone loved and cherished you. Noctis nodded, safe dating id his raven locks falling into his eyes as per usual. He moved a stray strand of your hair from your face so that he could look into your eyes as he picked up his pace.

  • You rocked your hips against him from beneath while Noctis cradled your head in one hand.
  • Okay can we please talk about this sunshine here first?
  • It was past midnight when Seokmin returned the call, worried of course he tried to bate his breath.
  • In fact, the two of you had been dating for years without anyone outside of King Regis and and Cor, the Marshall of the Crownsguard knowing the truth.
  • His eyes were swollen and red and you knew he had been crying.

Gladio appeared just behind Noctis with Prompto and Ignis in tow. His grip on your waist was hard enough to bruise as he filled you to the point you knew you had ruined the bedding. Ignis adjusted his glasses as if the action would somehow make the images before him more apparent. There goes all your talks about being a big girl.

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He was a warrior king and you were her queen. Your hand easily found his cock between the two of you, already so hard with a bead of pre cum gathering at the end. Even knowing his words were meant as a ruse and would serve as a way to protect both you and Noctis, ethiopian dating you felt as though your heart had been run through with your own sword. Wave upon wave of pleasure racked through your body as you keened and writhed beneath your husband.

You felt something wet against your cheek, you managed to bring your shaking hand to your cheek, touching it you realized you were crying. Luna looked as regal as ever and you had to admit that the guys cleaned up pretty nicely. You know how to have fun and even though you spend way more time introverting than following the crowd, people only see your outgoing side.

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Seokmin knocked twice on your door before speaking up finally. Continuing to keep you relationship a secret proved to be difficult when sharing a tent with four men, one of whom being your actual boyfriend. He managed to undo all the bridal buttons that held your dress up quickly and you let the delicate lace and satin pool around your feet before stepping out of it.

Keeping your relationship a secret from everyone was a difficult feat. Luna had somehow managed to slip into Altissa without being caught by the Empire. Still, Ardyn lowered you just enough so that you could speak through your gasps for air. His breath was quick and you knew he was also trying to prolong the moment. He tugged lightly with his teeth and you nearly screamed his name.

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Without pause, Noctis slid between your hips and pushed his erection into you in one quick motion. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret was your best friend in the world and had been informed of the plan just as you had. Regis rose from his throne and carefully descended the steps with the use of his cane.

The rational part of you wanted to block those people for being so mean but when you raised your finger to click on the drop down menu then you noticed how your hands were shaking terribly. You opened you mouth several times before you managed to actually form proper words between his hungry kisses. Noctis saw the trouble in your eyes and was quick to reassure you.

He kissed you as if he were a starving man and you were the first thing he had tasted in weeks. Groaning, Noctis pulled you in for one more quick kiss before releasing you. You make me a better person every day. The two of you ate quickly between kisses and laughter before gearing up.

In the wake of so much loss you wanted to give Noctis something to look forward to. Noctis carefully gripped your hand and used his body to shield the intimate gesture from the others present in the throne room as the announcement was made. Luna, bless her soul, had already prepared everything and made arrangements for the rite as well. You were thankful to find Noctis sober and in one piece as you made your way down the aisle. Carrying you towards the bathroom, he shot you a wink.

His breathing was becoming more labored and he released your nipple to grit his teeth. It had felt like a lifetime since you had been in a similar position with him rather than weeks. You stood in awe as Noctis summoned the power of his ancestors, fearlessly attacking Leviathan and winning. It was a decent picture really, not too much showy, no weird expressions, but okay. Your body temperature had spiked up and he was worried shit.

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