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After completing the proposed system successfully it is worth to talk about the limitations and advantages of the system. The Purchase module contains the information about the purchase that made by the department. Colors as well as fonts can be selected for individual tokens as well as background and the data.

Tags with the different case may not be identified. Information about the items, departments, and work orders should be kept in permanent database. Training will be provided on a timely basis, and you will be trained as the new is Electricity Bill Payment System rolled out to your area of responsibility.

Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application is the course offering me a unique change to find the place of utilizing computer in meaningful way. The system will provide the user the option to look at the details of the existing Donor List, Blood Group and to add a new Donor. Office Staff While studying the current system, after speaking with the director, front office staff we found the system as follows. If the material is available they will issue it otherwise they will place as an order.

To solve the health problems of the human beings, hospitals play a major role. Porting the software to a new environment, e. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This software provide various data such as Stock market Business, Stock information, the Balance details of the firm, Client personal Information, Script detail etc.

Through this Library Management System it will be easy to manage accounts and various details of particular student and employees working under library along with the records of book. The system eliminated the problem of the existing system and enhances its capability. The aim of the project training, by understanding a live project, is to have practical experience of the real world.

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Requirement analysis involve obtaining a clear and through understanding of the developed, with view to removing all ambiguities and inconsistencies from the initial client perception of the problem. The period of the trainings would be around one and half month. To make the work of the staffs at the hospitals, this hospital management system can play a major role.

The developer is responsible for asking for classification whenever necessary and will give any alteration without the permission of the client. This module allows the stock entry operator to add, delete or modify the product information from the system.

Each and everyone is suffering from some or the other sickness. The different modules making up a system are almost never integrated in a single shot. And the third one is student who will participate in the exam. The system can be accessed by administrator and accounts department. The details all these matters can be obtained in one mouse click.

This database can also contain the information regarding the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other hospital staffs. The goal of the requirement analysis and specification phases to clearly understand the exact requirement of proprietor and to systematically organise these requirement into a specification document. The Returns Module contains the information about the item are issued by the department to various other department in the organization.

This module contains the following fields as card code, item code, department code, rate of the item transaction code, transaction date, quantity of the item to be issued, its value. It will simplifies the task and reduse the paper work. To maintain the information about customer who visit the store for shopping.

The new option is used to create a new file. With less effort, a maximum of coding lines can be prepared. No one in this world is perfectly alright in case of health. Conversion methods are of four types these are parallel systems, direct cut over method, pilot method and phase in method.

Hardware Requirement

The data processing department is accepting many requests, which comes from different department. It also allows the user to modify the record.

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This module contains the following fields as card code, item code, department code, transaction date, rate of the item, quantity of the item to be issued, its value. If the allocated material is more than sufficient, the respective departments will handover that extra material to Data Processing Department by a note.

To display the information about dealer and also add information about new dealer. This module is used by data entry operator who is responsible for entering the details of products. This document covers the requirements for the Inventory Management System. To maintain the information about staff, their personal details such as contact number, name, address, qualification, birth date, etc.

And all this information is accessible to administrators and manager to keep track of their selling progress of the product. If the item is purchased locally then it is said to be local. This module contains the information about the items that are issued and their the details of the department to which the item was sold and the supplier details. It is used to do all the office work computerized. The details related to the patients like name, address, contact number, disease suffered from, treatment given and so on.

So that I can expand our view about the implications of the theoretical knowledge in the practical field. The people select the best among the hospitals by considering the management and the system followed in the hospitals. The application should show the trains or the flights that are available on the particular time. Specific support will also be provided at key points within the academic calendar. Its main objective is to keep track of stocks, sales and purchase of goods, maintain staff and customer information and generate reports.

Hardware Requirement

It also provides the records of the defective products which the customers return back to the shop for replacement. The information of the staff and the patients can be obtained at just one stretch. It also provides discounts to customers who frequently visit the shop and purchase goods.

The hospital management system database project will help to reduce the pen paper work in the hospitals if not completely. The main objective to develop the project Automobiles Automation System is to manage the records of Automobiles Industry online. This project deals with all kind of student details, academic related reports, college details, course details, curriculum, nada dering lucu batch details and other resource related details too. To provide information about sales summary. The data Processing Department then sends a request to stores department whether the mat is available or not.

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There will be doctors who treat these patients. The data security of this software is great as the data stored in various tables with unreadable characters.

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