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Then the processor recognizes the specified command, and controls the home appliance switches in the wireless radio frequency manner to achieve remote control of appliances ultimately. This pin is connected to a crystal oscillator and acts as a crystal oscillator output pin.

Now, we move to the next step and mention the pinout of the controller with detailed description of each pin. This concept provides the recharge card of some amount. Microcontrollers have always been a great choice for experts since their inception long while ago. Three phase voltage measurement using pic microcontroller. The toggle bit changes whenever a button is pressed.

Heart beat pulse sensor interfacing with pic microcontroller. This project can be build using components available at eBay. This is a simple and low cost circuit.

Top PIC Microcontroller Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

PIC Microcontroller Projects and Tutorials

In the previous section we highlight the basic functions of microcontroller pins. Automatic Car Parking System here we work on the thought of display the number of parking available at parking site. When an interrupt occurrs, the microcontroller immediately executes the code attached with the interrupt, after finishing the interrupt code the microcontroller returns to the main code.

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This module consists of Tx which is a transmission pin used for transmitting serial data to other devices and Rx is a receive pin used for receiving serial data. The Internet of Things was a revolutionary trend that altered the course of technology in a massive way. The two pushbuttons are used to choose motor rotation direction. It is the voltage supply pin of the controller that is connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

Best Internet of Things final year projects. He doesn't brag about his writing skills, but his excellence does.

The PIC16F84A Parameters

This project is used to control the house hold devices with a wireless remote. Worlds Most Useless Machine Rebuild. The multiplexed seven segment display concept is used in calculators and digital display boards. For more information go through the article.

The android based remotely programmable sequential load project is used to control the electronic devices by using an android smart phone. Here any number of cars can be park according to requirement. Both are used for holding specific data. They are the data holding places in the processor of the controller.

Esp based home automation system using wifi. Playing with circuits seems quite daunting for some people.


Power saving sleep mode is added in the chip that generates a low current power down mode. The telephone wire connected in the circuit so that it will display the name of the caller by matching it with the numbers stored. The last button stops the motor no matter what speed or direction. Receive sms gsm module using pic microcontroller. Electronic lock using pic microcontroller.


Timers, counters, serial communication interface, and so many identical functions can be performed using a single chip. Facebook WhatsApp Twitter. The door is locked by using a security code and this code is stored in micro controller. The circuit is clear and simple. If there comes a glitch in the chip, powering on the device will exclude it from the loop of any malfunctioning in the device.

This sensor module includes ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic receiver and control circuit. Please check your email for further instructions.

He believes in consistent hard work, honesty, and passion that are essential ingredients to unlock the ultimate success. Thank you Your feedback has been received. The temperature sensor detects the room temperature and sends the information to the controller. The sensor provides fully calibrated digital outputs for the two measurements.

What makes them useful is their ease of use and economical price. This Automatic Car Parking enables the parking of vehicles-floor after floor and thus reducing the space used. The timer mode increments the instruction cycle while counter mode will increment the rising and falling edge of the pin. This project is used to measure the solar energy.

When the unit is stopped it displays the time on the display. The Echo is a distance object that is pulse width and the range in proportion. The automatic car parking system is very good real time project idea. This prepaid electricity billing system is used to provide the cost efficient manner of paying the electricity bill in real time. If only the recharge is done, then the electricity meter will run, so in this way it prevents cheating and fraud in electricity usage.

Watching other people proceed and developing many projects with the same interest as yours put you in high inferiority complex. Temperature Measurement Pic Projects. Today, hard disk data recovery software full version many engineering students are showing lot of interest towards embedded systems projects in which microcontrollers are used. This timer is mainly used to reset the controller when a program hangs up during compilation or gets stuck in infinite loop of the program.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Watch the Output in the Output monitor window. Garage car detector without a microcontroller.

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The gas detector project is a home automation project which uses the gas sensor to detect the gas leakages. They are bidirectional pins and can be used either way i. The distance finder circuit is used to find the distance of an object. The commands to control these devices are given by android mobile Bluetooth technology. This project shows a timer that can be used as countdown circuit.

We can make the motor to run at our desired speed. Heavy duty portable charger for usb devices phones, iPad, etc. Again it can reset if the unit is switched. This vase can be used a decorative item. When button is pressed it starts counting time in minutes and seconds.

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