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The first photo of them appears to be taken inside a casino in New Orleans. As for Rossee, while she had no hesitation in showing off her affection for her man, she seems in no rush to take it further just yet. Phelps has been openly sharing pictures of Ami on his Instagram account in recent weeks. Must be real tough to be Michael Phelps, right?

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Ever since breaking up with ex-girlfriend Megan Rossee last year, there have been a lot of questions about whom the Olympic hero is dating. The two had been dating for about five months as of last August, but they reportedly had broken up as of December. The year-old waitress-model says she met Phelps just before Christmas while vacationing with her family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We think we have the answer.

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There was definitely an attraction but nothing really happened that night. Within weeks, there were pictures taken from several different cities of the two of them together. Then in February, a girl named Sarah Herndon divulged her story of hooking up with Phelps in what seemed like an attempt to gain publicity.

Now it could be that the two suddenly developed a close friendship, but there seems to be too many photos of them being intimate for this not to be something. The news that the two are an item and getting hot and heavy was let out of the bag by Miss Herndon herself in a very revealing interview video below. But Rossee hinted her recent lifestyle of accompanying her athlete boyfriend around the world was proving tough to balance with her own career.

Things began to heat up after that. She says he invited her to attend the Super Bowl with him, but she turned him down because of a prior engagement. Phelps appears to have found a hometown girl who shares many of his interests.

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Advertisement Michael Phelps is hanging up his trunks and hanging out with girlfriend Megan Rossee left. She and her three sisters were hand-picked by workers at a club the four were at and asked to join Phelps at his table. Olympic champion Michael Phelps has been dating model Megan Rossee for five months. Despite his jam-packed schedule, Phelps reportedly got serious about Rossee quickly after they first got involved. Based on pictures from her Facebook and Instagram profiles, she is a huge Ravens fan, camilla harket dating websites just like Phelps.

The first pictures he shared of them together came at the Super Bowl. She tailgated in Ravens gear for home games and road games last season, including a Nov. We both talked about how we were both recently single. Even Phelps shared pictures of them together in Las Vegas late in March.

Plus, there was the one big message Ami sent Thursday. Posting a picture of herself pushing a baby carriage on Instagram in June.