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Enraged, Radha goes to confront Vijay and as soon as she meets him, she accuses him of this shameless act. As she turns to leave, he staggers, and in a cry of pain, takes out the broken glass that Jayaram stabbed him with from the stomach.

Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. He saw many ups and down in his career but finally established himself in the industry. While in the hospital, Vijay is treated for his injuries and Radha delivers a healthy baby boy.

Pavitra bandham full length telugu movie venkatesh soundarya. Pavithra Bandham is a Telugu television show aired on Gemini tv. Radha gets anxious and tries to reach Vijay as soon as possible.

The show is a treat for daily soap lovers and for those who like to watch television with their families. Kollywood Actors Famous In Tollywood. In return for marrying Vijay, she asks for financial support for her family, which Vishwanath readily provides. The whole story revolves how both Ramesh and Meena maintain their relationship facing the odds.

Vishwanath asks Radha to quit her job and marry his son, but she refuses when she hears Vijay's strange condition. After the marriage, they become friendly with each other, nanovor evolution and Radha goes out of her way to look after Vijay when he meets with an accident. Here enters Raja babu who is multi - millionaire industrialist and has only one son.

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Vijay, Venkatesh his only son, having grown up in the United States, has no interest in marriage, his goal is to enjoy his youth as much as possible. On the way, she learns that the whole thing was a set-up by Vijay's friends to lure her back to her husband. Raja Babu is a famous for his acting in telugu television industry, he can fit in any role and pulls up a natural acting in the role. However, Radha's family is in dire financial straits, and so she has to reconsider this offer. Posani Krishna Murali dialogues.

Filmography of Posani Krishna Murali. Filmography of Muthyala Subbaiah. Tollywood Is Active Indeed!

Apurupamainadamma Aadajanma Lyrics Pavitra Bandham

Celebs Profile Submission. On the way, Dileep and Jayaram attempt to kill them, but fail and die in a truck accident. Soundtrack Music composed by M. Vijay, summoning up all his strength, takes Radha to the hospital. Music released on T-Series Audio Company.

At the end of the year, however, Vijay decides to annul the marriage, as had been agreed upon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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There, he is treated for his injuries and she delivers a healthy baby boy. Priyatama Raave Movie Review. Divine Relation is a Telugu drama film produced by C. Radha, upon seeing his wound runs towards him, slips, and goes into labor. After the recovery, Vijay and Radha are reconciled.

Soon, though, he realizes her worth and wants her to come back, but she declines. Earlier before coming to television industry he was a farmer. Radha runs towards him, slips and goes into labor. His father was movie producer and used to produce like Devudu chesina manushula and many more. Vijay and Radha are married.

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Enraged, Radha goes to confront Vijay, as soon as she meets him, she accuses him of this shameless act. The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office. But, even after repeated persuasion, she disagrees because her faith in him has been shattered. Meanwhile, Radha finds out that she is pregnant. Teja Theatre Lovely Images.

After the recovery, they are reconciled. But Dilip and Jayaram have attacked Vijay in reality and brutally stabbed him. Radha Soundarya is Vishwanath's personal secretary, is a hardworking girl struggling to support her family.

However, Radha's family is in dire financial straits and, so, she has to reconsider this offer. He later confesses to her that he's a changed person and wants her back. The film recorded as Super Hit at box-office. Celebrity Birthdays Actors Actress Others.