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  1. We are particularly interested in interactive workshops involving the best practices of teaching with games or playful elements in the classroom.
  2. The event is held annually.
  3. My curiosity got the better of me, and I've e-mailed them.
  4. The Den keeps you up-to-date and involved with campus events, student organizations, and the latest student news.
  5. You will submit a draft personal statement prior to the event for faculty review.
  6. Because of time restrictions, the event ended an hour late and yet I only got through two-thirds of the women there.

IUPUI puts a spin on speed-dating Newscenter IUPUI

He focuses on using it to make a large lecture more interactive, but the techniques will be usable in small classes, and across disciplines. It even turned out to be too long in some cases. The presenters will also discuss their decision to use Pressbooks and what they hope to achieve. Participants will be introduced to the purpose of learning objectives, how to create objectives, and how to link objectives to assessment.

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By the end of the night, I was getting tired of asking the same question all the time, but it at least gave me a clue about what the man across from me was like. It's great for someone who is busy or doesn't feel like getting off the couch to find love. The next day, I was informed that I had no matches but had three who picked me though I didn't pick them. Will she roll her eyes at me in the fall when I spend Saturdays and Sundays watching football, union label dating or will she be that one girl at every party wearing the jersey and screaming louder than me? Off Campus Recruitment Events.

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Skipping superficial questions such as hometown, undergraduate degree and current studies, I shot straight for the important questions. Although the age range among dates wasn't too impressive, it was refreshing to have a room full of intelligent and diverse dates. The event I attended lasted more than three hours. You can get lucky and find dozens of potential dates in one night, free dating or walk out with none. Graduate Student Writing Group.

IUPUI puts a spin on speed-dating Newscenter IUPUI

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The group was as diverse as the Indiana University graduate programs are. The Graduate Student Writing Group provides graduate and professional students weekly support and accountability with writing projects such as theses and dissertations, grants or publications. But I didn't realize it at the time. My first few two-minute dates were disappointing.

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Registration is required and space is limited. If you both write each other's names down, then it's a match and the event coordinators send contact information to the potential couple. Guess I had no chance there! Either way, I found the experience more encouraging than online dating, which I have yet to partake in.

Registration will open in August. This article discusses points to consider when developing collaborative learning activities to improve their effectiveness. Maybe sometimes two minutes just isn't long enough.

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There was no shortage of international students, somethings and somethings, from all different programs and walks of life. Click here to submit your proposal. The concept is great, but after three hours, my throat was dry and the novelty of meeting new people began to wear off.

And it turned out that two minutes was all that was needed. Center for Teaching and Learning social media channels Twitter Facebook. But I can definitely say it wasn't a turn-on for me.

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But it was all downhill from there. Click to find out more information. Workshops are offered every other week. Promotes diversity and improves retention by providing avenues for academic, professional, and social support. Additionally, instructors can use Pressbooks to create affordable, up-to-date, and engaging course texts, and publish them in multiple digital formats.

No matter what though, it is a guaranteed way to have fun for a couple of hours, and there is something thrilling about meeting dozens of new people in a span of several hours. Some speed dating events have an age range for participants. It's not that I'm superficial, but if there's zero attraction, there's zero chance. Interactive activities will help attendees think through creating assessable learning objectives. In this webinar, instructors will share how their students compiled and published their written work that incorporated images, videos, links, and slides.

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At first I was disappointed to learn that the time we would be spending with each potential partner had been reduced from five minutes to two. In the end, I found I had a fun night, when even though I only wrote down three names. One of the first men who sat across from me said he'd come to the event for the free food.

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After the mingling I found myself actually excited to begin the process. This was my chance to take stock and locate my priorities. The initial attractiveness question being answered immediately, I then probed mainly into hobbies. Is this the type of woman who will go hiking, canoeing and running with me? Andy will also say a few words about how he integrates Top Hat into the grading scheme and other course structures in Canvas.

  • In this session of the Teaching with Technology Faculty Showcase, Professor Andy Gavrin will discuss his experience using Top Hat to engage students in an introductory physics class.
  • But it can also be the perfect way to dash all your hopes if you get zero matches.
  • For about a half-hour, all the speed daters talked to each other in a lounge setting while enjoying cheese and wine samplings.
  • By the end of the night, I'd had fun.
  • Speed Sessions is held annually during the spring semester.

When I heard we'd talk to each potential candidate for two minutes, I thought that may not be enough time. Graduate Student and Postdoc Programming. The call for the next round of Fellows is out and can be found on the Mosaic Initiative site.

Participants are free to bring their own lunch or to take advantage of the many options available on campus. It seems like a decent way of meeting people. Click here for more information. It's the length of time we are supposed to spend brushing our teeth. Two minutes sometimes felt like two days when I went speed dating for the first time last week.

It seems to me that while speed dating may be an artificial way of meeting people, at least you are out of your house and actually meeting them in person. Nicole Roales waits for the speed dating event to begin. Speed dating is hit or miss. The Den The Den is an online gathering place for student organizations.

Do we enjoy the same taste in movies, music and television? Ken Kingery strikes a pose before going on more than a dozen two-minute dates with women. All the women lined up on one side of several tables scrunched together, while the men sat across from them and rotated one seat over every two minutes.

This rich and complex area of teaching plays a central part in ensuring effective student learning and faculty advancement. The GradGrants Center offers free workshops on a variety of funding-related topics. You can fill an entire couple week's worth of dates, or come up empty-handed. In addition to revising the personal statement during Boot Camp, you will also get the opportunity to Chat with Faculty for more one-on-one time allowing your individual questions to be answered. Because the same information is repeated for each session, asia 100 free dating site only select one date.

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