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Adaline hasn't aged physically since she was twenty-nine, so her daughter Flemming now in her eighties pretends to be her grandmother. In reality they are half-siblings, sharing the same mother but with different fathers. Mitsuyo gave birth to twin girls, Mei and Misaki, but Yukiyo miscarried and fell into depression. She had her at age fourteen so her mother decided to raise the baby as her own instead.

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It does not have to involve a parent in any way, and there are no inversions or gender-inversions. Jade's grandfather is actually her genetic father.

They all have some racist sentiment against each other, which they have to overcome upon learing they are brothers and actually hail from a very mixed common descent. However, Peri continues to consider Sam and Danny her real parents even after the truth is revealed. Sabrina was adopted by Geneva's older sister Claudine and her husband. There's a twelve year gap in births, and the father is described as very frail and feeble. The Janitor in Scrubs claims to have made several traumatic discoveries along these lines.

Russian comedy Shirly-Myrly is this trope taken to the extreme. Part of Maquia's cover as an ordinary human is to use Dye or Die to make herself look like the natural mother or the ordinary human baby she adopted. This becomes relevant when she discovers that the girl's father had gotten the girl involved with a sex ring, and beats his brains in with a crowbar.

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They also find out that Marcus, who they thought was just a classmate turned enemy, is really their brother as Douglas is his father too. They reject this notion, as their mother vehemently denies it as a scandalous rumor meant to cheat them out of their inheritance. The switch was kept secret for several years, but their grandmother slipped up one day. It is a Troma movie, after all.

However the Reset Button was pushed on the entire title the issue after this was revealed, so God only knows if it's still in-continuity. Unusually, guys dating uk the book ends with Dolly still unaware of her true parentage.

The mother dismisses the idea as too much like a soap opera. You can't tell me what to do, you ain't my muvver! Bunny Drop also plays with this. The story opens with Gavin finding out he has a bastard son. As if the Frey family tree wasn't already bizarre and tangled enough.

In fiction set in the past, this may still be the reason for the Switcheroo. On General Hospital it was revealed that Claudia Zacchara was not actually Johnny Zacchara's sister but his mother, making Anthony Zacchara his grandfather his real father was Gino. If that's the case, it means Arwyn, Wendel, Colmar, Waltyr, Elmar and Shirei's great-nephew is actually their father, while their father is actually their great-great-grandfather. An entire group on Fimfiction.