Indian Spiritual Instrumental Music

Arthada and Friends is a German, Austrian and Swiss group blending eastern and western instruments. Live streaming meditation music Relaxation music Meditation music videos Audiobooks Live streaming meditation music. This recording is composed of easy-to-learn songs, ideal for those just starting meditation classes. Chanting and mediative music from India and Tibet.

Indian Spiritual Music

Composition in an Oriental style with a didgeridoo, ethnic percussion, mellotron strings and lap steel guitar solo. Ananda is a British group that arranges songs in an inspiring, peaceful and dynamic way. An evocative track of India's world.

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All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners. Sounds of exotic mystery and intrigue in far off lands. Meditative music of India and Tibet.

Free download of meditation music and mp3s

Free download of meditation music and mp3sIndian Spiritual Music

Sangit Surabhi is a Canadian music group playing mainly western instruments such as flute, violin, harp, tabla and, of course, singing! We sincerely hope you can find the exact kind of music you like for your daily meditation practice. There are a few sections below, so you can narrow your search more easily. Meaningful lyrics with male lead vocal and female background vocals coupled with delicate and engaging arrangement and instrumentation lead to a gripping, crashing, forceful ending.

Loop A mid version - Action, Theme Jungle. Mediative chanting Buddhist music of India and Tibet. Dynamic, soulful exploration of the force of life and how all existence is bound to the wheel of creation. Buddhist music of India, stirring and strange. Candlelight glow, meditation, soothing herbs and fragrances of the far East.

Perfectly suited for relaxation, spas, yoga, tai chi, gardens and massage. Meditation mantras free download.

For every selected recording, you will find a link to the download page, as well as an embedded player to listen to the first track of the album, or sometimes the whole music album. Ideal for projects on Buddhism, the lifestyles of monks, history pieces set in the Renaissance, characters seeking sanctuary.

Chanting, sitar, woodwinds. More free meditation music for download at Radio Sri Chinmoy. It transitions into a flowing sitar melody and the Indian ensemble joins in the final phrase. Perfect for documentary and movies about India. Chanting, meditative Buddhist music of India and Tibet.

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You can buy the whole audiobook, if you wish. Let us simply and spontaneously allow the music-bird to fly in our heart-sky. Peaceful, delicate new age music that reflects the spirit of peace and gentleness. The piece begins with a soloist singing a traditional Indian chant.

Relaxation music for download You can use any of the recordings here as relaxation music. Let us not try to understand music with our mind. All songs can be streamed online and downloaded from Radio Sri Chinmoy. How to Download My Track License? Buddhist meditative music from India and Tibet.

Free download and MP3s of meditation music

Free Spiritual music playlists

Sarangi, harmonium and Indian flute play by the side of steel guitar, bass and percussion. Peace Concert featuring flute, esraj and other indian instruments. Pali prayers on religion led by Indian monks in Sarnath where Buddha delivered his first teachings. Inspiration-Sounds A good hundred spiritual anecdotes with spiritual morals to listen and learn! Here you can find various inspirational material, such as free downloadable videos about music and meditation, audiobooks, stories, relaxation music suggestions, digital painting programs etc.

But actually we are in the continuous flow of life. Meditation, religious reflection. Loop D without guitar and strings - Action, Theme Jungle. Loop C without guitar and strings - Action, Theme Jungle.

Here we present minute-long excerpts from each of the audiobook chapters. Great for relaxation, documentary and more. Meditation and Buddhist music from India. Meditative and reverent, very low keyed, subdued. Everything seems motionless, stationary.

Solo male chanting and singing joined by chorus, sitar, indigenous percussion and woodwinds. Perfect for meditation, yoga, and serenity. The odd number of beats in this taal makes it a very interesting and unique musical composition. Let us not even try to feel it with our heart. The arrangements are very pure, with singing in unison and harmonium background chords.

Intense drums, bass and a sufi touch to the arrangement bring out the intensity of the lyrics. Excerpts of the audiobook are on The Jewels of Happiness website with links on how to purchase the book as well. Indigenous percussion opens meditative Buddhist music of India and Tibet.