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  • Laura wants to postpone her wedding to Scott until Lulu regains her memories but after a kiss with Luke, Laura realizes she needs to move on.
  • We want to see if they've grown or not.
  • Johnny Jensen Scotty Baldwin.
  • Half sister to Dominique Stanton and Katherine Bell.
  • Despite their past differences, she is on good terms with Lulu Falconeri and is becoming a close friend of hers.

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Franco shows up and he and Nina run away with the baby. She tells her nurse that she is going to get in between Silas and Sam. He ends up brain-dead and is taken off life support by Silas.

Melissa Peterman Melissa Santoro-Picard. Nina tries to convince him that the wedding in September will be fine. See Sophia Cassadine-Davidovitch, above. She introduces them and they click.

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The outcome of the story was a very huge guarded secret. Former lover of Helena Cassadine and Skye Quartermaine. Tiffany Hill aka Elsie Mae Crumholz. She also was impulsive when it came to love and relationships. Half-sister of Diego Alcazar deceased.

Desk Clerk at the Metro Court Hotel. Mother of Bill and Jenny Eckert. Grandmother of Brook Lynn Ashton. When Lesley is convicted, single no more dating site Laura confesses and is sentenced to probation. An environmentalist once married to Ned Ashton.

From a rich and prominent family. Madeline was eventually apprehended and maintains publicly that Nina is dead. Former manager of Kelly's. She formed a close bond with her onscreen son Jonathan Jackson. He is married to longtime wife Andrea.

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General Hospital couples
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Quartermaine to frame Courtney Matthews for A. Dated Matt Harmon and Sebastian Dupree. Murdered by a patient at the hospital. Divorced from Celia, Jimmy met a gal named Charity Gatlin and moved back to Pawtuck to help her run a country store. Son of Bill Eckert and Nancy Eckert.

  1. Friend of Felicia Jones, Dr.
  2. Chris Van Etten Chet Driscoll.
  3. Better then it sounds promise!
  4. What if they had met another time and place with a few other things different?
  5. After discovering who his parents actually were he became obsessed with stalking the girls involved with his cousin Sage's death.
  6. Laura returns a few months later at the doorsteps of Patrick Drake.
Lovin Chillow Will Chase Willow Be General Hospital s Next Supercouple

The beginning for the couples! Held Lucky Spencer captive on the orders of Helena Cassadine. Brooke Bentley Clinton deceased. Worked as an Adoption Agent.

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Was almost killed on several occasions by her co-worker Malcolm. Silas and his then-girlfriend, Sam Morgan went to the clinic Nina was staying at to see her, but, to Silas's surprise, asian dating atlanta Nina was gone. Identical brother of Bernie. Always at war with Sonny Corinthos. Adoptive father of Tom Hardy.

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Hospital janitor with a mysterious past. While attending Columbia University, Nina starts dating Dr. He had a lacky, Mel, who was a photographer dating Laura Templeton. Has been dating Mob lawyer Diane Miller.

Elena Tovar Rosalie Martinez. In October, it was revealed that Valentin and Lulu now have shared custody. The duo later teams up again to stop Mikkos Cassadine John Colicos from freezing the world.

Real Life General Hospital Couples Who Met At Work

Genie Francis on Luke and Laura's appeal. Genie Francis as Laura Spencer. Kristina Cassadine deceased.

Bobby Chandler Baldwin deceased. Daughter of Carly Jacks and Jax Jacks. Through her marriage to Valentin, she gained Charlotte as a stepdaughter.

Fled after police learned she killed Sorel. Their story said, if you love each other enough, you can overcome all the odds and you will be the prince and princess. Pushed down the stairs by Alexandria Quartermaine. Cousin of Jamal Woods and Hope Hartman.

Real Life General Hospital Couples Who Met At Work

Doctor at General Hospital. Goes on a rampage through the halls of General Hospital, shooting Mac and Ethan, his ultimate target is Kristina. Former psychiatrist at General Hospital. After being hospitalized, during which Anthony Geary and Gloria Monty visited her, she quickly returned to the set.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Brenda Barrett. When he finally did, he hypnotized her after meeting her alone on the piers one foggy night, and sent her on a boat that drifted out to sea. Had a major crush on Lulu Spencer.

Nina begins work on the issue with Maxie and they need to fiure out who is going to be on the cover. Biological aunt of Lucas Jones. Laura also reconnects with Elizabeth and meets Lucky's son, Aiden for the first time.

What will happen and who will survive? Stefan has no qualms about putting Lucky in harms way to avenge Nikolas. As she slips back into catatonia, Laura admits that she doesn't believe she killed Rick. Ashley Jones Parker Forsyth.

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Lawyer for Russian crime lord Andre Karpov. Scott then arrives and reveals that he and Laura are back together. However, the producers were soon contacted by actress Elizabeth Taylor who was a fan of the show and had read about the storyline decision. What happens when Robin's life is threatened and someone close to the both of them is at fault? Unnamed daughter with Silas.

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