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Alecsandri was an inspirer, influence, and leader of Romanian literary endeavors until his death, a mentor of the Junimea movement, and doyen of Romanian writers and playwrights. Alecsandri began writing love poems until a sudden illness forced Elena to head abroad to Venice. The family prospered in the lucrative business of salt and cereals trade. He was one of the most vocal unionists, supporting the union the two Romanian provinces, Moldavia and Wallachia. He was also romantically involved with Negris sister, Elena, whose illness and death in deeply affected him.

He toured the West, pleading to some of his friends and acquaintances in Paris to acknowledge the newly formed nation and support its emergence in the turbulent Balkan area. His collection of folkloric popular poetry was a first, his poems inspired a generation of poets, and his heroic, historical dramas were highly successful. He was also sent to Constantinople, Hungary and Transylvania to promote the ideas of union and liberty.

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Comedii by Vasile Alecsandri

In June, Alecsandri moved to the Hurmuzakis in Cernauti where he became the secretary of Moldovan revolutionary committee which contributed to the underground revolutionary activity in Moldavia. Romantic interest A year later, Alecsandri attended a party celebrating the name day of Costache Negri, online dating scams dubai time a family friend. Alecsandri was heavily involved in the activities of the Moldovan revolutionaries.

He was a frequent visitor to the Costache Negri estate, Minjina, a center for Muntenian and Moldovan reformers. He there fell in love with Negri's sister.

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He was also a noted letter writer. He also gave materia l support to the cause, especially Balcescu. His work was known in France and Italy, winning a prize in for Romance language poetry at Montpellier and gaining him a reputation as a kind of Victor Hugo of the East. He met her there, where they shared two torrid months. Political fulfilment Alecsandri found satisfaction in the advancement of those political causes he had long championed.

Vasile Alecsandri

Both characters would later appear in his work. He built strong relationships there with Muntenian students especially Ion Ghica who as a group came to view themselves as Romanians, rather than as Moldovans or Muntenia ns. He was one of the supporters of slave emanicipation.

However, as revolution failed, he fled Moldavia through Transylvania and Austria, moving on to Paris, where he continued to write political poems. Tragedy struck on the ship, when Elena died in her lover's arms.

He returned to Iasi in to work in the Treasury of Moldova, and to write, publish, and promote the idea of the union along with Kogalniceanu and others. He was prominent in nationalist and unionist activities. In September the revolutionaries sent him to Paris as a diplomat and propagandist to inform Europe of the Romanian national cause. Throughout this period Alecsandris correspondence and literature encouraged the exiles. New romantic interest The end of saw Alecsandri pursuing a new romantic interest, in spite of promises made to Elena Negri on her deathbed.

He also wrote at this time his poem-manifesto Desteptarea Romaniei. During the s, he had worked with the underground by carrying messages and encouraging them through his correspondence.

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