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Chetan Bhagat writes op-ed columns for English and Hindi newspapers, including Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, focusing on youth and issues based on national development. Chetan Baghat, a rising star in the contemporary modern Indian literature, is a multitalented personality. All in all, the book was by far the worst read I've picked in a long while and don't think that I'll dare pick up another Chetan Bhagat novel in my life. As always in Chetan Bhagat's novels, dubious morality is hardly a problem. Also, both the films were not full adaptations of the books, as many of the scenes from the book, including the climax, realtek digital output were changed in the films.

Good to re-read book again. Suggested to and only those who are very new to reading or are super massively bored and just want to waste your time. Each character is different, have different objectives and strengths and weakness. But even though, I enjoyed this book. And making the most of the system, even if it has flaws.

Chetan Bhagat

Perhaps he simply didnt have any idea of what to write. For Alok job is as important as oxygen and hari loves his girl. She was definitely in class eight or nine. Hi, I am Joshna Sharon Johnson, an average girl lives to give life to many dreams. He cares a lot for his friends and claims not to love his parents, even though he hints he misses them every now and then.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Will they pull things out in the end?

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This was my first Indian Book after reading Sidney Sheldons thriller books. That is what happened with the following books honestly. Five Point Someone offers up enough drama, action, and entertainment at a steady and fast pace to keep the readers engaged without losing interest.

The other problem was the choice of weird words. It's an easy read will leave you with alot of life lessons. Magic through letters by Chetan Bhagat! The book highlights the conservative mindset shared by several sects in Indian states which prohibit marriage outside their cast.

On his return to India, he shifted to Mumbai from New Delhi. Cherian, but she is very rarely seen in the story. The whole book was overall very funny, it had sad and emotional parts but they were not melodramatic and to be honest I was more entertained than being emotional while reading the sad parts.

He received most of his education in his hometown. When this book hit the stands back in the day, the craze was appreciable. Be overly emotional for no darn reason - even write letters that make a first-grader proud! What started off as an amazing debut just turned into a different career story altogether.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. There is not much in terms of the plot if you are looking for it. So all that you have to do is give the monkey her banana.

The movie that followed just lit up for a tremendous script recipe. They are given the lab credits strictly to make up the credits they are missing for graduation, but the more they work on it, the more they become vested in it.

He writes accessible simplistic stories which cleverly reflect the concerns of a generation on the cutting edge of India's rapid urban development. There are three boys as main characters and love interest with the professor's daughter. All in all, a good book with enjoyable parts but not so satisfying story and characters.

Chetan Bhagat

While reading this book, I learnt one lesson. He is rich, creative and likes original ideas like Professor Veera.

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Five Point Someone deals with the challenges Chetan Bhagat is a hero for millions of India's middle class youth. Quotes from Five Point Someone. But that was not the point. Or so goes the common wisdom. Though some parts of it were interesting, most of it was so boring that I had to pinch myself in order to not fall asleep while reading it.

They are thick friends but do not have anything common attributes. Intelligently penned, fluent story-line and a captivating simpleton thought process. He is dating Neha Cherian, daughter of Professor Cherian. But now about the book, it was written in first person but the interesting part is it had this other people's voices, which was fun to read.

Alok wants to get through the exam and get good marks. Six years ago i also loved Himesh reshammiya music too. It is a light read, without any boring details, which just makes you retrospect on your college days memories. With the shift he also switched his career choice and embarked on his passion for writing. Especially current or former Engineering students would appreciate the writers perspective.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat review

Chetan Bhagat should consider joining English writing classes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing. Would hari manage to get A grade? If it's fiction it doesn't mean you can write any crap.

Five Point Someone

Dad had warned me not to read it, but being the reader I am, I took him lightly. This book is seriously overrated. The character of Ryan always encourages and wants his friends to enjoy the student life rather than mugging up the syllabus and materials, but that is what is needed in such campuses. And thats exactly what Mr. Although, if you try the same thing over and over again - it becomes damp, almost tasteless.

Chetan Bhagat

Five Point Someone Chetan Bhagat

The book sold more than a million copies worldwide. Its an insult to English language. We haven't changed the font size. He believes in practicality and the creativity of the students which is getting stifled in such campuses. At that time the book was very, very popular since the movie was coming out and e This book is seriously overrated.

And the third guy has the most at stake and just wants to do well so he can get a good job and support his family, a very Indian thing to want to do. Its even worse than those soppy mushy crappy juvenile novels that I've seen my teenage friends gushing over!

His first novel in must read novel and one of best novels one would come across. It almost seemed like there was no security around the office. He is living with his wife Anusha Bhagat and two sons.