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What will count is how much they sell. In due course they will be open for more. They specialize in bringing back the titles of authors with out of print books. It also publishes original titles. Curious, I clicked their link for complaints about this imprint, but it was only routine submission requirements.

They charge nothing, ever. An independent publisher of horror, suspense, and dark crime fiction. Now it's a publishing search site. Currently not accepting queries, as their publishing calendar is full.

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So the question is whether this is a good publisher with a few disgruntled authors out of many, or one that sometimes treats writers in an arbitrary or unfair manner. If they can't raise the money, they will have to cease publishing. Their illustrations suggest that lovely partly-clad women are the kind of beautiful trouble they are looking for.

They remain open for their type of submissions, and will respond in weeks. Their servers are down for maintenance. An email flyer reminds us that they can do all ebook formats in one package. And listings may take several months to go, because sellers like Amazon can be slow to act.

They take electronic rights for one year. Yes it is a self publisher.

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Now they seem to be more current, but remain flooded with submissions. So I mention this just in case someone should find the information useful. And two savagely negative reports I am loosely interpreting here to mask identities. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! No submission information.

Now the domain may be for sale. Anthologies will also be considered. Essentially, I'm a satisfied contributor. No formatting restrictions either, as long as it is a document type they can process. Their site is still a work in progress, but they will answer questions.

Didn't found proper the element of dom rar download link? EternamenteRap-The Element of Surprise. Rashad and confidence the element of surprise cms muzyka rar. They have periodic cross promotions, action games for full version cooperating with other publishers.

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They are there, but they no longer accept unsolicited submissions, as their publishing schedule is full. Open to new and established authors in all kinds of Romance, ranging from Traditional to Fetish. They are open for submissions, but do not accept snail mail subs at this time. News of a lawsuit against them, apparently one of a number filed by Barbara Bauer, who objects to being called a scam. They seem to be open for submissions now.

That they may send private messages to authors that their careers will be destroyed if they don't comply. At first she was halfway polite, then threatening, accusing me of defaming the publisher. But the private word is that they are not accepting any new submissions despite what the site says. It may be that the author with the bad experience got caught when a key person went through a severe personal trauma and took an extended leave of absence, perhaps misplacing manuscripts. That strikes me as a hell of an expensive book.

They don't seem to have a track record yet, but it's a good attitude. They have decided to form a partnership publishing company with writers.

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They are currently updating their entire database, so I presume are distracted. That is, a site it may be dangerous to visit. So if you have a book you just want to make available for reading, this is the place.

They now electronically publish books. That would be weird for anyone trying to buy and sell books.

You can probably do better faster and much cheaper at one of the self publishers. At this point it looks as if the publisher has been vindicated in this respect. HiPiers received an email on this, and there does not seem to be a Web site, just the email address, so I have not checked it.

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It is interested in all Romance sub-genres. Also, their boilerplate contract demands print, film, and audio rights. This time I had no trouble getting it. Prior submissions were deleted unread.

These are recorded books, and they have a slew. They are selling off their books at below cost, hoping to pay off their debts. Indeed, their site seems to be gone. It is their self publishing platform. The proprietor was working on his PhD and had to cease operations from about to but now is resuming operation.

They do some print books, but that's not their primary focus. Standard or higher royalties. Royalties will be paid, but not advances. This strikes me as mischief.

Partnering with Wordclay, which is listed below. My guess is that their family of imprints will not be affected. So they have launched a Kickstarter to cover their publication costs through and save Crossed Genres Publishing.

They also do electronic and audio, so do qualify for this listing. They also offer editing and proofreading, audio Book Creation, and Interactive Web Portals creation for your book. My guess is that they have folded. They seem to be open for submissions.