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I manoharudu Telugu full movie

Madhan Karky Pookkalae Sattru Oyivedungal. Therefore, he sided with Lingesan's enemies and planned the entire operation to have Lingesan injected with the virus. Vikram stars in a regressive, superficial and the least fun Shankar film ever. Srinivas Mohan through Rising Sun Pictures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chiyaan Vikram's Triple-Threat Performance. But what we didn't expect was that feeling of thrill and intrigue. Tamil Nadu title but lost to Lingesan.

He fights John over a moving train and gets him electrocuted. To save her career, Diya decides to replace John with Lingesan, whom she had earlier met at one of her shoots, as her co-star for her next advertisement. International Business Times. Sreeram was confirmed to do the film's cinematography, collaborating with Shankar for the first time.

The shoot initially does not go well as Lingesan is shy and awkward around Diya. Weta Workshop had worked on the digital and prosthetic make-up and background arts for the film. Aided by Babu, Lingesan starts taking revenge on those who had deformed him.

Hope Shankar realises that much better films can be made on a smaller canvas and much lower budget. He then prepares a paste which Osma unknowingly applies on her body, causing her body to sprout huge growths of hair. Here's hoping it will ignite a desire among Indians to go for the skies.

The third script narrated by Shankar was centered on an aspiring bodybuilder who would later turn into a deformed hunchback following a freak accident. After achieving his revenge, Lingesan reveals his condition to Diya, who, though initially taken aback, still loves him despite his deformity. Vikram impresses but will Indian audience take to hunchback's passion?

Ai telugu full movie

Finally, he gets Vasudevan to unwittingly inject a virus into himself, causing his whole body to swell up. They decide to live a secluded life together. The filming lasted for two years and eight months, during which shooting was done extensively in China. He first immolates Ravi, office torrent who suffers severe burns.

Rajinikanth was sceptical of it and refused it. He discovers that John, Osma, Indrakumar, Ravi and, to his horror, even Vasudevan, are responsible for injecting the virus into his body. Vasudevan agrees and the wedding is fixed. The shooting is to take place in China at the same time when the Mr. Two days before his wedding, Lingesan slowly starts to experience hair and teeth loss and a skin disorder.

Rahman composed the soundtrack album and background score for the film. However, Ravichandran refused to make changes to the leaked teaser, and planned to release it as per the original schedule. Vikram was confirmed to sport his hunchbacked get-up in most parts of the film. The range of locations available in China is simply mind-boggling.

India paegant is to take place, but Lingesan agrees, sacrificing his Mr. India ambitions in the process.

Ai telugu full movie

These four people conspire to take revenge on Lingesan and destroy his fame and modelling career. Shreya Ghoshal Pookkalae Sattru Oyivedungal. Kabilan Ennodu Nee Irundhaal. On her director's advice, Diya pretends to fall in love with Lingesan so that he would loosen up and perform better during the shoot. Ravichandran, however, denied the news, but said that he would appear in the audio launch of the film.

The media rights included satellite rights and ringtones. Vikram Top and Amy Bottom the principal cast of the film. He has given the film a huge canvas and has made it an audio-visual treat. Enraged and betrayed, Lingesan abducts Diya on the wedding day and keeps her safely in an old house without revealing his identity to her. Although the leaked teaser lacked decipherability, the person who had leaked the teaser openly informed the team about it and challenged them to take action against him.

Theatrical release poster. As time passes, Diya reciprocates Lingesan's love for her and they soon get engaged.

Ai telugu full movie

The film was dubbed and released in Telugu and Hindi along with the Tamil version. The story is plain and doesn't look like a normal Shankar movie which would otherwise have interesting twists and turns. Sreeram was the film's cinematographer and editing was done by Anthony. The plan proves successful but Diya soon tells Lingesan the truth. Vikram Amy Jackson Suresh Gopi.

Vasudevan had an insatiable lust for Diya since she was ten years old and was enraged when she chose Lingesan over him. International Business Times, India Edition. Next, he subjects Indrakumar to bee stings all over his body.

Rajani was reported to play the role of a transgender make-up artiste in the film. Lingesan asks Vasudevan to marry Diya as he is the only person who will be able to understand Diya's past and present situation. No other country in the world has such variety of locales ranging from colored mountains to futuristic city landscapes.

Srinivas Mohan was selected to provide the special effects in motion filming. In his current condition, Lingesan decides to disappear from public eye and also from Diya's life by faking his death in a car accident. The film tells the story of a body builder turned supermodel, played by Vikram, who after being deformed, exacts revenge upon those who were responsible for his predicament. Only his friend Babu Santhanam and Vasudevan know that he is alive. Asia Syed Siddiq appeared in the action sequences featuring Vikram.

But he does tell a beautiful tale of love sullied by jealousies, greed and anger. Hurt, he focouses on modelling instead of her. He is then beaten up by them and tied up, but manages to escape later. Muthuraj was confirmed as the film's art director.

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Ai telugu full movie

He has kept the narration so interesting that the viewer's eyes remain glued to the screen. They both gradually excel in the modelling industry as the lead pair. Produced and distributed by V. The teaser was unveiled at the audio launch of the film. After further inquiries, it was revealed that the culprit broke into producer Ravichandran's office during the night and had copied the teaser.

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His story is predictable and there are no twists or scenes which keeps you engaged. Shankar Transgender in film Films scored by A. Vasudevan claims that he is suffering from a rare and incurable genetic disease which results in premature ageing. Lingesan undergoes ayurvedic treatment, yoga and physiotherapy for his condition and soon returns to normal. The teaser carried a dummy music score that was not composed by A.