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This module is an important module wherein products will be added to the system and also be managed. He can choose Package wise Invoice. The development of this system is very much used to extract the details of the vessels or containers by giving their vessel number or container number respectively. To generate feedback report for a particular duration.

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Network load balancing project is implemented in vb. The aim and objective of this medicine donator project are to prepare a portal for the collection of unused medicine for further utilization by a needy person. The major objective is to get as close as possible to the system. For both the containers the first five days are for free. This application is a solution.

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It will also show all feature information in details. The surveyor is informed to update the expenses accordingly. There is no provision for suggestion box in feedback form as it was omitted by concern authority. Admin will approve a customer who can place bids. Store Rent It contains container no.

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Donation of medicine The user can donate any kind of medicine. For this purpose, we take interview of some persons working in that company. To maintain an account for a training easily. Click on Add to save the Book details. The refer containers must be placed in a separate vessel, if at all some containers are to be placed it should not be placed over the refer containers.

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Type in Book Id and click on Delete. This project is an online medicine search web application. Graphical Representation is also available.

Net Auction system Auctions is an event or process where a product or goods can be sold or bought or can be bidded. This avoids providing outdated data to the visitor. The container details are container-id, zip decoder container no. Admin will update the status of an order as delivered or in progress from admin panel. Click on Reset to clear all fields in the view.

The web application can add members quickly, add books, browse members, search books, update information, edit information, borrow and return books in the shortest time possible. Products can be added to the system by vendors.

Add products will be provided with info like minimum bid price, bid end date, bid start date, a picture of the product to be bidded. Detailed explanation about this project is provided in project document. Customer will be able to add products to cart. There are many possibilities for the mistake to take place when the entries or calculations are made manually.

The same rules are followed here also as for the yard planning. There must be a form like registration of the new user. Term Gate It contains container no.

Database enterprise management system will be helpful for software database development team. This technique basically has four types of modules that deal with the daily activity of the library. These options will be available for each customer whoever is logged in for bidding for a particular product. The library management system stores the important points, such as the name, address, identification number, date of birth of library members, and users who arrive in the library.

It actually provides an efficient way of saving the data and managing it. We maintain an attendance record of a trainee during training.

These details have to be entered by date and activity. The details are maintained in large notebooks. Products can be added to the system via vendors. The existing system is tedious and time consuming. Admin has Rights to create, Edit View and Delete all customer information.

This application is useful for networking engineers for managing traffic of a network. Admin is the one who will have access to admin panel.

This system is developed in three modules client module, administration module and career module. There at two models in this system one is client model and other one is server model. The existing food system is classified into the following modules that are carefully integrated with each other.

It will allow comparison of prices for a particular price range mobiles of different brands thereby allowing the customer to select one of them as per the features and reliability. We test this application by the different testing method and it works properly hence it is useful for the organization. Admin will approve customers before they log in and search their mobiles as per their criteria they are looking for. The vendor will also have the option to view the bids that have been received for his or her products, the option will be there to edit the profile.

Please do enter the admin username and password to log in. Click on Cancel to cancel any of the above operations.

Admin will also have the option to attach a delivery executive to be linked to an order. Sometimes they miss the vessel in which they had to load the containers so it was not reliable also. The application provides facility to manage trainee record and account for a training to the coordinator. These modules allow an administrator of the website to manage cities and manage master data. This application is useful for calculating expenses for a training and also calculate profit.

So, this web application is planned to develop based on the requirements of the client. The application provides facility to hostel warden to maintain the record of a trainee who is staying in a hostel. Database enterprise management system project is implemented in asp. It is possible to maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

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In existing Terminal Management System the complete process of the shipping is manual. The system used for development and deployment must have minimum configuration as mentioned below. It is done for the containers to be exported. Admin can generate a Bar Code for all selected items for a particular invoice for a customer.

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The introduction of this system offers substantial benefit. They can collect from a particular place.